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Standard Centrefeed Rolls

Standard Centrefeed Rolls

Standard Centrefeed Rolls There are 12 products.

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  • Blue Economy Centrefeed Rolls

    Blue Economy Centrefeed Roll 2ply 19cm x 150m (Pack Of 6). Excellent value standard flat sheet 2 ply recycled tissue. A full 150-metre roll, perforated with 375 sheets per roll.This is a TRUE 150-metre roll.

  • Bluetech 2 Ply Blue Centrefeed Rolls

    Bluetech 2 Ply Blue Centrefeed Rolls 20cm x 150m Perforated 429 sheets (Pack Of 6) Made from 100% recycled Tetrapack cartons.Tetra pack board produces a strong, highly absorbent tissue, and this paper is used in a number of our 2 and 3 ply industrial wiping rolls also.

  • Centrefeed Rolls

    Centrefeed Roll 18cm x 120m 2 ply White Embossed (Pack Of 6) Economical white 120m long centrefeed roll 2 ply, glued and embossed recycled tissue.

  • Centrefeed Rolls 2 ply White

    Centrefeed Rolls 20cm x 150m 2 ply White 100% Recycled (Pack Of 6) 2ply white tissue, 100% recycled.

  • Eco Natural Centrefeed Rolls

    Eco Natural Centrefeed Rolls 2Ply (Pack Of 6) Made from 100% recycled beverage cartons. Ecolabel certified.Dimensions: 20cmx113m 450 sheets per roll.

  • Green Centerfeed Dairy Wipes

    Centerfeed Dairy Wipes Green 1 ply 23.5cm x 280m (Pack Of 6) A substantial single ply green paper in a centrefeed roll.

  • Katrin Classic Hand Towels Roll M2

    Katrin Classic Hand Towels Roll M2 Blue Embossed 20.5cm x 150m (Pack Of 6) High quality embossed classic centrefeed rolls from Katrin, a name you can trust.

  • Lucart Strong Centrefeed Rolls Pure Pulp

    Lucart Strong Centrefeed Rolls Pure Pulp 2ply White 20cm x 135m (Pack Of 6) A high-quality pure pulp, glued and micro-embossed tissue. Very quick to absorb, with easy snap perforations.Pure cellulose tissue.

  • Sand Dairy Wipes

    Sand Dairy Wipes 3ply 22cm x 114m (Pack Of 6) Top-quality wiping tissue, with excellent absorption characteristics, and a cloth-like appearance. The 3 plies are glued and embossed together to produce a tissue with high wet strength, that makes it an ideal product for wet environments such as milking parlours. 

  • Satino 2 ply Centrefeed Rolls Blue

    Blue 180m long, 23cm wide Satino centrefeed rolls (Pack Of 6) The Satino brand has a reputation for quality and consistency, as well as offering good value for money. The 100% recycled paper is made with a sustainable production process, for which it has been awarded the European Eco Label, and it is certified as food safe. The tissue is stronger than our basic grade.

  • Tufcel Dairy Green Standard Centrefeed Rolls

    Tufcel Dairy Green Standard Centrefeed Rolls 2ply 22.8cm x 140m (Pack Of 6) Heavyweight 2 ply tissue, with easy tear perforations, high wet strength with embossing, giving the Tufcel dairy Green roll superior absorbency and strength.

  • Standard Centrefeed Dispenser (ABS Plastic White)

    Standard Centrefeed Dispenser (ABS Plastic White) This dispenser is made from smooth injection moulded plastic and features a self-locking cover with a universal key supplied.Available in two sizes and compatible with both perforated and non-perforated paper, it also features a unique tear-off cleat mechanism and flow restrictor plate, which cleverly avoids paper wastage.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items