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  • Toilet Tissue Bulk Pack Pure 2ply

    Toilet Tissue Bulk Pack Pure 2ply 10.2 x 19.5cm (36 x 250 Sheets) Bulk pack pure pulp interleaved tissue is popular in all sorts of situations, from hotels and restaurants to offices and motorway service areas. Each large sheet is separate and interleaved with the next one for easy dispensing. It is a more expensive system than a Jumbo toilet roll but is nicer to use, with a more compact dispenser. One downside is that people can sometimes pull out too many sheets at a time. The tissue is mainly recycled but has some pure pulp to ensure that it dissolves easily and quickly. There are 36 packs of 250 sheets in a case. 

  • Luxury Tissues

    Luxury Tissues 2 Ply 100 Sheets Per Box 20 x 19cm (Case Of 36 Boxes)  High quality 2 Ply tissues supplied in a box of 100 sheets.

  • Cube Luxury Tissues

    Cube 100 Sheets Per Box Luxury Tissues 2 Ply 20 x 19 cm (Case Of 24 Boxes)  Extremely soft, convenient and very handy.

  • Mansize Tissues

    Mansize Tissues 100 Per Box (Case Of 24 Boxes) A larger sized tissue which is c folded so when tissue is pulled out another is left popping out of the box so you don't need to put your hand into the box preventing contamination.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items